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Modern Kitchen

Are you currently living in an apartment or a home owner who needs reliable professional cleaning service?

Kaidan Cleaning offer supreme house cleaning and maid service in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Northern New Jersey. We deliver exceptional service that is customized  to the needs you acquire. Providing Standard Cleaning, deep cleaning using certified green cleaning products. At Kaidan Cleaning, we provide all cleaning products and equipment required to get the job done.


Our most popular natural cleaning  session is the standard cleaning package. Our clients  enjoy a clean home  that's free of hazardous chemicals and reduces allergens in your home.

Bedroom, Living Room, & Common Areas

  • Dust all accessible surfaces

  • Wipe down all mirror and glass fixtures.

  • Change Linen

  • Clean windows and widow sill

  • Clean all floor surfaces

  • Take out garbage and recycling


  • Wash and Sanitize Toilet, Tubs and Sinks

  • Dust all Accessible areas

  • Wipe down mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Mop/Clean floor surfaces

  • Takeout all garbage and recycling


  • Dust all accessible surfaces

  • Empty Sink and load dishwasher with dirty dishes

  • Wipe down the exterior surface of the stove and refrigerator

  • Take all garbage and recycling


Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • Hand dust all horizontal service

  • Dust ceiling corners

  • Vacuum carpet

  • Vacuum rugs

  • Vacuum/dust mop/damp mop floors

  • Clean heating/cooling vent grill

  • Clean mirror

  • dust ceiling fan

  • Clean light fixtures, sanitize switches

  • Wipe base boards

  • Make the bed

  • Clean window will and tracks

  • Dust blinds


  • Clean inside/outside of refrigerator

  • Move refrigerator, clean behind and floor

  • Clean inside/outside of stove

  • Clean stove hood

  • Clean inside/outside of microwave

  • Clean inside/outside of dish washer

  • Clean and disinfect counter-tops and back splash

  • Clean inside/outside of cabinets

  • Clean/disinfect/polish sinks and faucets

  • Empty trash

  • Dust ceiling corners

  • Hand dust all horizontal surfaces

  • Sweep/vacuum floor corners and edges

  • Damp mop hard floor

  • Hand wipe base boards

  • Vacuum floor rugs

  • Vacuum or hand wipe heating/cooling vent grills

  • Hand wipe light fixtures and switches

  • Clean window sills and tracks

  • Dust blinds


  • Clean and disinfect tubs and showers, remove soil and rings

  • Clean shower doors and remove hard water spots

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean interior/exterior of vanities

  • Clean/disinfect/polish counter-tops, sinks and faucets

  • Clean and disinfect toilets

  • Clean and disinfect floor

  • Vacuum or hand clean heating/cooling vent grills

  • Hand wipe baseboards

  • Dust ceiling corners

  • Hand wipe light fixtures inside/out and disinfect switch plates, doorknobs

  • Clean and disinfect towel bars

  • Thorough hand dust all horizontal surfaces

  • Empty trash

  • Clean window sills and tracks

  • Dust blinds

Utility Rooms

  • Hand dust all horizontal surfaces

  • Dust ceiling corners

  • Hand clean light fixtures inside/out and disinfect switches

  • Hand wipe base boards

  • Wipe down outside of washer/dryer

  • Move washer/dryer clean underneath and behind

  • Vacuum and damp mop hard floors

  • Vacuum area rugs

  • Empty Trash

  • Clean window sills and tracks

  • Dust Blinds

Service Add-ons (Additional Cost)

  • Oven Cleaning

  • Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Duct Cleaning

  • Organizing

  • Laundry (wash/dry/fold)

  • Washing walls

  • Applying polish, beeswax or lemon oil to wood work


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