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Modern Office Building

    Kaidan Cleaning Services is committed to providing our clients with professional and efficient cleaning service using certified green cleaning products. Our staff has experience cleaning a substantial amount commercial properties whether furnished or unfurnished. Our office cleaning service is customized upon the customers' requirements; our staff is proficient and professional to work during operating hours. Our cleaners are trained in office etiquette and make every effort to get the tasks done with minimal disturbance of work flow to your staff. 

  Kaidan Cleaning provides cleaning services that are essential to maintain a healthy indoor environment for commercial establishments including (but not limited to):

  • Schools

  • Medical Office

  • Churches

  • Dentist Office

  • Day Care Center

  • Medium sized Office Complexes

  • Apartment Buildings

   Kaidan Cleaning Service LLC. will maintain an healthy environment. The use of non-toxic, Eco-friendly products, we help maintain a healthy work-space in which supports the employees by:

  • Reducing health hazard ( such allergy reaction to string scents and chemicals)

  • Improve the work environment 

  • Improve longevity of the facility 

  • lower insurance and workers compensation cost

All commercial space and office require an onsite visit before a quote can be generated 

Contact us and schedule your on site visit today

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